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Sticky fries


Sticky fries is my daughter’s favorite. It has a punch of both French fries smothered with Indian chinese sweet and spicy sauce. Normally they are deep fried fries, but I avoid deep frying instead I air fry them. So for the end result, I get is crispy fries with sweet and spicy honey sauce.


Mccain’s frozen fries 1 bowl full, or one can cut raw potatoes, half boil it, then pat dry and then deep fry. 

Sauce – garlic ginger finely chopped 2 tadap, tomato ketchup 2 tabsp, red chilli powder 1 tsp, olive oil 2 tabsp, salt to taste, honey 2/3 tabsp, sesame seeds 1 tabsp. 


Air fry or deep fry a bowl full of French Fries. Heat some oil in a wok and sauté ginger garlic for a min, add red chilli powder and ketchup. Salt to taste. Stir in the French Fries and thoroughly coat it with the sauce, just before serving drizzle honey and sesame seeds. 

Non vegetarian option – Instead of Fries use boneless chicken cut into finger size , season with salt and pepper, coat it thoroughly with corn flour and deep fry for 2 mins on high flame. Serve with plain white rice.