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Panna Cotta


Here is my take on Panna Cotta, an Italian dessert which I made using the milk Europaea gifted by the Olive Tree Trading and Food Bloggers Association India (FBAI). Normally cream is used along with the milk for making Panna Cotta. I haven’t used cream purely because of the richness if this milk. The Panna Cotta turned out to be soft, silky , wobbly and beautiful. I used the mulberries grown in my terrace garden. It gave an altogether a different taste and look.


Europaea milk 7 cups, vanilla pods 2, vanilla sugar 2 tabspoon, gelatin 1 tabspoon. Strawberries with sauce for garnish and fresh mulberries.


Put the milk for boiling in a deep pan, slit open the vanilla pods and extract out the mushy vanilla seeds, add it to the milk. Add the sugar. Keep it aside to cool . In a small bowl add gelatin with  1/2cup of lukewarm water. Mix well and stir it in the mixture of milk and vanilla. Stir well and transfer it into small bowls or moulds. Can add strawberries to it. Allow it to cool completely and place it in the refrigerator to set for a couple of hours. To serve simply take it out of the moulds on the bed of strawberry sauce and some more strawberries or mulberries. Enjoy the wibbly wobbly fun desert.