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Bhuna Gosht


Bhuna Gosht /Mutton Bhuna is another Arabic delicacy adopted by us. Mutton is roasted first and then is slow cooked in whole spices and my twist to this dish is I use chilli paste to enhance the flavour. Mutton when slow cooked leaves an aromatic flavour and extremely juicy meat that makes you crave for more.😄

Ingredients :

Mutton 1kg, dried chilli 200 grams (soaked in warm water for an hour), coarsely grounded a table spoon of each- ginger , garlic, coriander, cumin. Whole garam masala – 5 green cardamom, 2 masala elachi (big cardamom), 1 small piece of cinnamon, 2 mace, 4/5 cloves and pepper and 2/3 bay leaves. Turmeric powder 1 tsp. Poppy and sesame seeds 1tsp grinded into a paste. Curds 2tabsp. Fried onions 1 cup. Oil /Ghee 4/5 tabsp. Salt to taste and chopped Coriander for garnishment.


Soak the chillis in warm water for an hour and then drain the water and grind the chillis into a paste. Heat oil or ghee in a heavy bottom pan and tamper it with the whole garam masala. Add the mutton and roast it on high flame till it turns slightly brown. This is the Bhuna process. Now add the fried onions and the coarsely grounded paste of ginger garlic and coriander cumin. Add the chilli paste. Now add the turmeric and the Poppy sesame seeds paste. Continue roasted the meat in the spices. Add curd and season it with salt. Now add 2/3 cups of water and let it slow cook for an hour till the meat is tender and succulent. If the curry too runny let it dry on high flame for a couple of minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with roti or bhakri.





Shakshuka is an exclamatory delicacy. Poached velvelty eggs sink in the rich tomato sauce. An Arabic staple dish traditionally served in cast iron pan or Tajine with bread. (Ideal accompanied by while wine.) A powerpacked breakkie or even an early dinner….here is my take on Shakshuka!


Onion 1 medium chopped, Tomatoes 2 chopped, Capsicum 1chopped, Parsley 1 tabsp, Olives 5-6 diced, Garlic 2cloves finely chopped, Salt, Pepper, Oregano and chiliflakes 1/2 tsp each. Tomato ketchup 4/5 tabsp, Sun-dried Tomatoes 5/6, Mozerella cheese 2 tabsp, Feta Cheese crumbled as desired, Olive oil 2tabsp, Plum relish 1tabsp, Chicken stock 1 cup and Eggs 2.


Heat oil in a pan saute garlic, onions, tomatoes, Capsicum. Stirfry for a couple of minutes. Add the ketchup, Plum relish and keep stirring. Now add chicken stock and  seasoning. Add diced Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes give it a good stir. Add cubed feta and drizzle Mozerella all over. Let the mixture blend into a thick rich sauce. Once the sauce is ready slowly slide in eggs and garnish with Parsley. Cover and lower the heat. Let the eggs poach in the tomato sauce. 

(Another option is transfer the sauce into an iron cast pan or Tajine, slide the eggs into the sauce and in a preheated iver bake it for 10/15 mins at 220°)

Serve hot with Focaccia or any loaf of bread.