When you move your Focus from Competition to ContributionLife becomes a Celebration…” This is my soul mantra and strongly adhere to it……

Whenever I am asked, “What’s your religion?” My prompt reply is “Food!” My world revolves round the food – being born and brought up in a Rajput family and married to the original Mumbaikar, this wedlock between two foodie families resulted in the vibrant blend of cuisines. We celebrate all festivals, be it Diwali or Christmas or Eid. We cook according to the festivals. Our family holidays are mostly based of the food trails and exploration.

I never thought of making a blog, but the ones close to my heart and my instinct made me do this. For many years I have been cooking for my near and dear ones and always got asked to share the recipe. So with all my love and dedication to my daughters Dhani and Raashi and a whole hearted support from my husband Rahul, I started my blog – Nainasrecipes.wordpress.com
In which I share the recipes I develop and  I cook ( Nainasrecipes), my cooking sessions (Cooking with Naina), the restaurant reviews, workshops and events I attend ( Food Fiesta) and the cakes I bake (Temptations) for the corporate houses, banks, birthdays and school events.
The seed of “passion for food” was sown by my Ma who is immensely talented and natural when it comes for cooking. She taught me to cook by instincts and not by the measurements of cups and spoons. She always tells, “cook with all your heart and the outcome will be 100% positive.”
A couple of years back I implemented my passion of cooking to the public. I started my own cooking classes wherein I teach as per the menu – Indian, continental, Chinese or be it baking. The motive behind such sessions is to teach cooking and serving of the food in like the fine diners, the glamorous aspect of serving home cooked meals.
Moreover, I am a Director at Prabhat Processed Foods, a part of Prabhat Poultry. One of my task involves giving live demonstrations of our products ( cold cuts and kebabs) across the city, thus introducing the concept of gourmet foods on a mass scale.

My food journey also involves engaging food lovers through a visual narrative. I have, therefore, attempted to display my passion of food through tempting and visually pleasing photography.  My Baking blog “Temptations” has also been nominated in several competitions such as the Food Bloggers association of India annual awards and has won an award by the BBC of JW Marriott.
Recently I got the opportunity for working with “The Duhita Foundation” at the Tata Memorial Hospital. We conducted a workshop for the parents of the little fighter bachchas, wherein we showed a few dishes which can be cooked using healthier option and presented to the little fighters in a fancy way. The highlight of this workshop was my Multigrain Churma laddoos, which I had moulded in Mickey Mouse shape. It was immensely appreciated by the parents, the team of doctors and the HOD of the Tata Memorial cancer hospital. We wish to continue such workshops in future.

I was given the opportunity of Judging a Cooking event – “Chrysalis”, organised by the elite South Bombay school, Queen Mary… where different schools all over Mumbai participated. Was humbled to see the talents and clarity of thoughts of the budding chefs.

I would like to thank all the people, especially my close friends who have inspired, encouraged and supported me. Special thanks to the FBAI for giving me this platform and tons of opportunities to grow. I would love to continue my journey with the passion of food and spreading the love.


Instagram – naina_rahul

Twitter – Nainasrecipes

Facebook – Cooking with Naina

Thank you for visiting my blog !!!


Naina Rahul Goregaonkar.



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  2. Hi Naina

    Harshita referred me to your amazing blog last week!!! I tried your Chicken Biryani recipe last night and I absolutely loved it!!! Thank you so much and would love to attend your cooking classes some day 🙂

  3. Hi Naina

    I have been a vegetarian since birth n my husband is a hard core non vegetarian :)… I have as good as no knowledge n experience in cooking non vegetarian food.
    When i told this one of my school friend – Harshita Goregaonkar – she send me a link to ur blog n recommended ur Chicken Biryani…
    i tried making Chicken Biryani… It was absolutely simple to cook n awesome in taste..Im gonna try more recipes from ur blog very soon Thx a ton …And Good Luck to u 🙂

  4. Hi Naina…Going through your blog makes me hungry ;)) I’d like to attend your cooking classes. Do let me know when can I do so.

  5. Hi Naina,

    I read such wonderful things about your food and cooking and was wondering if you would like to join the Traveling Spoon community as a host.

    We connect travelers with authentic food experiences from homemade meals to cooking classes around the world.

    With 135+ hosts in 16countries we are now looking for people in Mumbai who are passionate about food, are wonderful cooks and would love to host people at their homes to showcase their culinary traditions.

    In case you are interested please write to me at neha@travelingspoon.com

    Thank you

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