Sweet Vermicelli (Semiyan/ Seviyan)


Semiyan is one dish that takes me back to my childhood days, when there was no Maggi or pasta to binge on. Life was so unprocessed then. My Ma used to make this dish mostly for breakfast. A healthy homemade option and I am so glad my daughters enjoy it too. One bite of this takes them to their Nani’s home. Here is my take of simple sweet Vermicelli (Semiyan).

Ingredients: (serves 3)

Vermicelli 1 1/2 cups, ghee 2tabsp, saffron a pinch, pistachio, almonds chopped as per you desire, cardamom powder 1tsp, sugar 3/4th cup and water 2cups.


Heat ghee in a pan and roast the Vermicelli till golden brown. Add saffron and cardamom. Add warm water and let the Vermicelli cook till tender. Stir it till the water evaporates though not too dry. Add sugar and stir. Cover it for a couple of mins. Garnish with nuts. Serve hot or cold, can be enjoyed for breakfast, snacks or dessert.



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