Apple tarts!


A quick and pure vegetarian tarts especially for my friends who crib on my recipes mostly being non-vegetarian.

Ingredients for 6 small tarts :

Short crust pastry – 250grams of all purpose flour, 100 grams of butter, sugar 2 tsp and salt to taste.

Filling – 3 apples, brown sugar 2/3tabsp, cinnamon powder 2tsp, salt to taste, juice of 1/4 lemon and 2tabsp honey. Icing sugar 1tabspoon.


Short crust pastry – In a mixing bowl take some flour add salt and sugar. Now add chilled cubes of butter. Rub the maida/flour to the butter till it comes to a sandy texture. Then drizzle some water and knead it into a tight dough. Refrigerate it for an hour. Divide the dough into 6 equal parts, roll it and place it in the tart dishes pressing it firmly. Poke the pastry with fork and bake it for 15 mins in 200 deg in a pre heated oven.

Filling :

While the pastrys are baking, prepare the filling… Option 1 chop the apples, add sugar,cinnamon, honey and salt. Toss it in a pan till it soften and then fill it in the tart shells. And Option 2 thinly slice the apples horizontally​, the cut into half making it into a semicircular shape. Place each slice overlapping making it a long row of around 12/18 inches. Now drizzle little cinnamon and sugar over it. Now fold the apple in circular motion making it look like a rose and carefully place it on the tart shells. Drizzle some more sugar, cinnamon, salt and honey. Bake it for 15mins. 

After cooled drizzle some icing sugar.



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