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Zero oil Modak


This Ganesh festival I made these Modaks using no oil at all. Just a table spoon of ghee for the crispy layering of the cover of the Modak. And the filling I used is of the puran instead of coconut. So here is the recipe hope you all enjoy.


Cover – semolina 2 tabs, refined flour 4 tabs, salt to taste. Milk 1/2 cup.

Filling- split chickpea 1 cup, sugar 3/4cup, cardamon powder 1 tsp, nutmeg powder 1/2tsp.

Layering – cornflour 1 tabs, ghee 1 tabs.

Method :

Cover – mix semolina and refined flour in a deep bowl. Season it with salt. Knead the mix into a tight dough using the milk. Keep it for resting for an hour.

Filling- pressure cook the Chana dal (split chickpea) with little water till tender. Drain off the excess water and transfer it into a pan on high flame. Add sugar and the flavouring of cardamon and nutmeg. Stir till the sugar dries off on medium heat. Grind it into a thick paste after it cools.

Roll the kneaded dough into 3/4 big chapatis. Mix the ghee and cornflour into a paste. Place the chapati and smear the ghee , cornflour paste all over the chapati. Now place the second chapati over it and smear the cornflour mixture over it again. Repeat this process for 3/4 layers. Then roll the layered chapatis like a Swiss roll. Cut approximately a centimeter in width. Roll these small layered balls into a size of puris approximately 3/4 inches.

Now place a small ball of puran filling at the center of the puris. Bring all the edges together to make a Modak shape.

Place them in the preheated air fryer and fry it for 15 mins on 200 degrees.

Enjoy the festivities without the calories.